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Writer's Block: Coast Range

Posted on 2008.12.11 at 20:45
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If you had to choose, would you rather live in the mountains or by the ocean?

Ocean all the way. Preferably in the general vacinity of Hawai'i. Simply because it is wicked awesome to be able to dive down and hear the whale songs.

SG:A Season 4

Posted on 2008.08.15 at 01:15
I'm listening too...: ~Had Enough~
I've been meaning to make this post for a while... Hehe....

Do any of you people watch Stargate: Atlantis? Cuz seriously, I need to freak out to someone who's not Squishy.

Looks like the ribbon stays. *sigh* That's just cruel. Really. *kicks writters*

I need a spazz-out icon.

Posted on 2008.08.11 at 12:26
As Scaff requested, here's the picture I mentioned in my previous post. Virtual cookies for anyone who can guess what's goin' on. XD

Fake cut to DA is fake.


Posted on 2008.08.11 at 00:32
I'm listening too...: ~7 Days of Lonely~
I just drew something that actually came out the way I wanted it to. *blatant shock* That never happens. Ever. Someone pinch me.

Sappy music makes for drawing skillz, it would seem. *cough*HighSchoolMusical*cough*


Posted on 2008.08.09 at 21:34
I am currently...: BC
Current Mood: stressedOMFG
I'm listening too...: ~Faint~
I was totally gonna write something WEWY related today. And then I remembered that I rented Cloverfield to watch. So I thought 'oh, everyone's going out, let's watch that.' Moving camera gave me a migrane. I rather liked that movie, for all it's creepy omgness.

Don't watch that late at night. Seriously.

Right before the camera-carrying guy died, I was thinking 'Oh look, it's curious, like a puppy. *eats face* OR NOT. *hyperventalating*'

Good times. In a really round-about desturbed sense.

I am Legend

Posted on 2008.08.04 at 23:35
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Finally saw that movie.



Posted on 2008.08.03 at 01:29
I am currently...: on the couch. Still.
Current Mood: enthralledenthralled
I'm listening too...: BAD SONG IN HEAD GAH

Basicly, I finished breaking dawn. I like. Muchly. Twelve hours for 756 pages. Shame. Now I can SLEEP. *flop*

Z Z Z...

Posted on 2008.08.02 at 22:05
I am currently...: On the couch
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
I'm listening too...: dodoo dodo dodo dooo dooo
So. Tired. *flop* Last night was the Breaking Dawn launch, right? So me and my friend decided to go together. So after Cirque de Soliel ended, we rushed home, my head almost imploding because it ran longer than we anticipated, grabbed my friend from my house and zoomed down to Chapters. As soon as we got home we holed up in the basement and read. Till 5 flipping am. Didn't even get halfway. 700+ pages = REEEEALY LOOOONG. I love long. XD

Phwah, it's SO GOOOOOOOD. IT'S ALL DARK AND I LOVE IT. And things that shouldn't be funny are. Oh damn. That was my last pair of pants. My favorite non-spoiler part so far. XD

Angsty book

Posted on 2008.07.31 at 13:08
I am currently...: Burried under ma blanket
I'm listening too...: ~Leave out all the rest~
GAD THE ANGST. *sob* This is the first time in my rediculous amounts of reading where I've come across this idea that dreams are bad. There was this little story one of the elders was telling, and the man she loved was consumed by his dream and it destroyed him and twisted into something horrible. I have never seen that before. Dreams are always the things doing the saving, not the destroying. I find that very unsettling. Yeeeeee.

And now, an angsty excert that makes me headwall!~

Well, all I can say is what I know. It's this - you can betray someone with a word or an action. You can betray them with silence or inaction too. And in betraying that one person you can betray a whole world. I've seen almost thirty thousand sunups - that's more than eighty years in old time - and that's the most important thing I've learned. Except that the opposite might also be true. So yes, I think it's worth risking everything to save another person's life. And I know this too: the future will not depend upon the human mind; it belongs to the human heart.


Cookies if you know what book I'm reading.

Rambly Headcanon Fragments -> WEWY

Posted on 2008.07.29 at 11:43
I am currently...: Bedrooooom
Current Mood: artisticRAINBOW DESU~
I'm listening too...: ~Leave out all the rest~
Stupid headcanon. I swear it's rabid. SRSLY. It won't leave me alone, which is kiling my concentration with a titanium baseball bat, so I'm just gonna get the parts that don't have their own ficlette thing coming out.

Rambly incoherent away~Collapse )


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